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What can therapy do for you?

You sometimes feel like your life and behavior is out of control.

No matter how hard you try, you find yourself repeating patterns of anger and frustration, and have the same arguments with loved ones over and over.

You feel insecure in relationships, like your emotions are controlling you instead of you controlling them.

You have resorted to unhealthy ways of coping like shutting down or lashing out in arguments, substance use, or self-destructive behaviors.

You carry guilt and shame for your actions because you know you deserve better than what you’re allowing yourself to have.

You know there’s more but you’re not quite sure how to get it.

It's time for things to change.

Individual Therapy

This is your opportunity to address whatever challenges or barriers that are preventing you from moving forward. We believe in the power of change and the value of having an unbiased person to listen and provide constructive feedback. Therapy takes a commitment to honesty, consistency, and follow through to reap the benefits and see the change you desire. 

"Nothing changes if nothing changes."

- Unknown

Our individual therapy services are guided by you. In our very first meeting, what we call the intake, we will work together to create a treatment plan that outlines the goals you have identified and a collaborative plan to begin taking steps towards these goals. We are trained in a variety of treatment modalities and will select the interventions which are most appropriate based on your specific concerns, goals, and time frames.  

Whatever your unique challenge and experience, we're here to help. Let this your turning point to a more peaceful and fulfilling life. Call or email today for a free consultation. We'd be honored to help you uncover the beliefs that are keeping you stuck and preventing you from moving forward.

Couple's Therapy

Whether your relationship is riddled with fights, lack of communication, or misunderstanding, or the issues are caused by anger outbursts, substance use, or infidelity, there is hope. Two people who are committed to one another can overcome anything. You can learn to fight nicely, truly hear what your partner is trying to say, and learn to love one another intentionally and on purpose. Are you ready to fall back in love with your partner?

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