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Court Ordered Treatment

At Turning Point Recovery, we understand the unique circumstances that contribute to life challenges. Our greatest passion is helping others along their path to recovery from substance use and problematic behavioral patterns, whether you're a first time DUI recipient or someone who has struggled in addiction for years. There is no shame in asking for help and admitting you can't do it alone. In fact, that's the very first step! We have a variety of services dedicated to helping you succeed in your own recovery and would be honored to be part of your journey.

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DUI Services

A DUI in the state of Arizona can be a sticky situation and you're probably feeling overwhelmed and confused about where to start. We can help! We offer a variety of services for all of your DUI needs, depending on your unique situation. Check out our DUI Services page for more information.

Substance Abuse Treatment

We offer a variety of services for outpatient substance abuse treatment, whether you are mandated to treatment or need some extra support in your recovery. Our treatment group conveniently meets every Sunday evening to accommodate your busy schedule and have you home in time for dinner! Prefer individual therapy? We can do that, too. Call today for a consultation or to schedule your screening.

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